How smartphones changed small businesses?

Is it true that you are and your cell phone connected always? Do you wake up looking through notifications that you missed while you were sleeping? Odds are you aren't the one and only one.

In 2016, smart phone adoption outperformed 80% of every single mobile proprietor in the US. That is a 38% expansion contrasted with only 5 years prior! So the fact of the matter is the quantity of smart phone users will continue to grow and, thusly, it will turn out to be progressively harder to part with our devices.

On the off chance that we think about the decency that cell phones have accomplished for independent company, it isn't too awful—and there are a lot of reasons why! For one, it's opened the entryways for better efficiency, adaptability and even the globalization of business.

Yet, that is not all. We share how cell phones changed the manner in which we work together to improve things.



When we look at how we use our iPhone or Android devices, we think beyond the phone. Today, there are so many more features within our reach! From apps to instant messaging, right down to the camera quality, smartphones have quickly become more than just a calling device.

With one quick Google Search, people can easily contact you to learn more about your services, or even follow you on social media to help guide their buying decision for later. People can even rate your services or get directions to reach you.

Better Connectivity with the clients

As an entrepreneur, you have certain advantages that relatively few huge organizations can coordinate. Your customer service.

As the substance of your business, you need your customers to not only be dazzled by the quality of your work, but with every interaction in the middle. So the exceptional service you give to your customers can truly separate you and help you flourish.

Smart phones make it simpler for you to offer help to your customers. First off, you in a split second become progressively accessible with your gadget. You can offer help through texting, which enables your customers to casually look for help, and for you to react from anyplace and whenever.

Budget Friendly

Before smartphones took over, in order to provide great customer service, it usually costed you more. You’d have to pay for expensive software or staff—not to mention account for the money lost during the unproductive in-between time when you weren’t at your desk.

With your smartphone, you have access to a huge library of apps to help you run your business more efficiently. And guess what? They don’t cost nearly as much as the sophisticated software.

For example, a complicated piece of software could have cost thousands of dollars and hours to install. But a simple app on your smartphone only costs a one-time charge. Most of them are even free! What’s more, you no longer have to buy a professional camera to take photos for your blog. You can shoot straight from your device.

In the long run, it’s a big time and money saver.

A catch : Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility

With the constant buzz around fancy devices and its impact on society, it’s sometimes easier to spot the bad over the good in smartphones.

The truth is, with great power comes with great responsibility. At the end of the day, only small business owners themselves can own up to using smartphones to their advantage.

And in reality, we are moving towards a world where we connected on a touch of a button but still we are far apart. It is expected that smartphones will continue to play a vital role in improving your efficiency at work, wherever it may take you.

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