Why is Google Flutter the best app development option?

These days Mobile clients expect their applications to have a wonderful layouts, smooth screen transitions and great execution. This is why, the developers need to create a new feature faster than ever without compromising on quality or performance. That is the reason Google created Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free and open source Google mobile UI framework that provides a fast and expressive way for developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android.

Flutter was released in May 2017. It has written using the C, C++, Dart, Skia Graphics Engine. Flutter works with existing code and ease with which it has been provided to create participants and organizations around the world. Flags also developed by Google. The flutter is the only framework with mobile SDK which provides reactive styles without using any Javascript bridge. The SDK is free and launched as a source developer to explore and create powerful tracking applications around. It is the reason for apps and interface made with flutter. Flutter builds from a single codebase, compile directly to the native arm code, Use the GPU and access the platform APIs and services.

Why Flutter different from React Native?

A lot of people are saying that Flutter is Google’s reply to Facebook react native. But that's not the case. React Native uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Flutter is focusing on a single code base. This single code base is going to produce by IOS and Android app. Therefore, this code base not using for JavaScript, Swift, C++, etc.

On the other hand, Flutter apps are written in the Dart language and make use of many of the language's more advanced features.

On Android, and on Windows, Mac OS and Linux via the semi-official Flutter Desktop Embedding project, Flutter runs in the Dart virtual machine which features a just-in-time execution engine. Due to App Store restrictions on dynamic code execution, Flutter apps use ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation on iOS.

A notable feature of the Dart platform is its support for "hot reload" where modifications to source files can be injected into a running application. Flutter extends this with support for state-ful hot reload, where in most cases changes to source code can be reflected immediately in the running app without requiring a restart or any loss of state. This feature as implemented in Flutter has received widespread praise.

Why Flutter?

1. Fast development

Flutter is made for high development pace. Stateful hot reload allows you to manage your code and see it come to life is less than a second without losing having to reopen the app. Flutter also comes with a heavy set of customizable widgets.

2. Flexible UI

Flutter renders the animation and gestures to give you to complete control over every pixel on the screen. It means you have the flexibility to build a custom design.

3. Native apps for Android and IOS

Flutter apps follow platform conventions and interface details such as scrolling, navigation, icons, fonts, etc. That why apps built with Flutter features on both of the APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

4. High Performance

Flutter doesn’t require a JavaScript bridge and the speed is much faster because of the Hot reload and Hot restart functionality.

5. Flutter uses Dart

Dart is an object-oriented programming language that which used for writing mobile application code for Flutter and which contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of app development flow. It is a uses a lot of CSS parts as well. Dart creates frames for short-lived objects.

6. Excellent resources

When using flutter, you can get complete IOS experience or Android Experience. Flutter documentation and Dart developers provide with a huge variety of widgets that could be used to write code.

7. The Widgets

Flutter has built with a rich and customizable set of widgets for Android, IOS and Material Design. The collaboration between Flutter and Google’s material design has rendered and easily create powerful UI experience. This help to create smooth, crisp and refined app experience as are available with a native app.

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